April 2019 Newsletter article

A Word from Your Mission Strategist, Steve Laughman

Thank you for allowing me and Marni to take a life-changing trip to Israel! The purpose of our trip was to embark on a Prayer Journey throughout the country. We saw many of the sites that you would expect, but more importantly, we were able to meet with people who are seeking to impact the area with the Gospel. We now know better how to pray for the people of Israel. We look forward to sharing with you more about our experiences.

Many of you are in the midst of preparations for Resurrection Sunday. Whether you focus on outreach events, musical productions, or other ways of celebrating our Lord’s resurrection, our hope and prayer is that the name of Jesus is praised and that people are drawn to Him. We all know that there are some who will only be in church this one Sunday. This is a time when people will be open to coming to church with just a simple invitation. Encourage your members to go the extra mile to invite people to worship on Resurrection Sunday.

April 30th we will gather for the Elevate Church Strategy Summit. The theme this year is Replant. Every church can be a stronger, healthier church, no matter the size or the condition. Elevate will provide tools for you to examine the needs of your church and take steps toward a stronger church body. The structure of the event will differ from last year. Rather than having several topics covered in various workshops, we will focus on two aspects of the main topic. Each session will be led by Bob Bickford, Associate Director of NAMB Replant. This event is not just for pastors and staff. We encourage all church members to attend. There is no cost, but you can help us plan by registering yourself or your church at centennialbaptistassociation.com/elevate or by calling the CBA office.

Exciting things are happening in the Centennial Baptist Association. Thank you for being a part of the work God is doing here. Let us know how we can help you reach your local mission field.