Centennial Outreach Trailer


A great tool for you to serve your community!

The Outreach Trailer is available to all Centennial churches to be used to serve your communities. Simply complete the request form at the bottom of this page or contact the CBA office to begin the process of reserving the trailer for your event.

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To reserve the Outreach Trailer:

  • Read the usage policy and watch instructional videos.

  • Check the reservation calendar to make sure your dates are available.

  • Complete the request form.

  • Send a deposit of $100 ($50 refundable deposit, $50 maintenance/restocking fee) to Centennial, PO Box 210, Thomaston, GA 30286. You can also make this payment using the link at the bottom of this page.

Outreach Trailer Usage Policy

Inventory Checklist

Printable Request Form

Inflatable Instructions

Instructional videos coming soon!

When a request is submitted and the deposit received, the reservation will be added to this calendar. If there is no reservation listed for a date you want, the date should be available. If there is a conflict with your request we will let you know as soon as possible.

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Date when trailer will be picked up
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Date when trailer will be returned
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Please review detailed list of policies and procedures prior to use. The Centennial Baptist Association Outreach Trailer is available to churches at a deposit of $100.00. Upon the return of the Outreach Trailer and approval of the inventory list $50.00 of your deposit will be returned to you within the next week. The remaining $50.00 will be placed into the Outreach Equipment Account to be used for the upkeep of the equipment and to replenish consumable supplies.  PLEASE NOTE:  We expect the Outreach Trailer to be used many times throughout the year.  The games and the bounce house will not last forever nor will the trailer. Therefore, if your budget would allow, we ask that you consider giving an additional donation to assist us with replacement costs of this equipment.  These monies will be used only to keep the Outreach Trailer up to par for your future use.  


1.       Requests for use of the trailer should be made through the Association Ministry Assistant (AMA) at least 30 days in advance of the event.

2.       The person making the request to reserve the trailer will be advised:

a.       Groups are responsible for transporting the trailer to the location of the event. The vehicle being used to tow trailer must be able to safely tow at least 3500 pounds.

b.       Groups using the trailer are responsible for returning the trailer the day agreed upon.

c.       The group using the trailer will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning all items including the inside of the trailer before returning.

d.       If the use of the trailer is scheduled for a time when the CBA office is not open, the person responsible for reserving the use of the trailer will need to make arrangements for a time to pick up the keys and the trailer.

3.       The group using the trailer is asked to appoint one person to be responsible for unloading and reloading the items in the trailer. This person should pay close attention, when unloading, as to how each item is placed so that he/she can make sure everything is put back in order. This insures that during travel the items remain in place.  

4.       The best ways to secure the Outreach Trailer are:

a.       Park it so that the back door is one foot or less to the building, light pole, or parked vehicle.

b.       Take the Outreach Trailer to your home and park it with the back door facing away from the street.

c.       Keep the trailer hitched to your vehicle.

d.       Always use the locks provided, including the hitch lock if you do not keep it hitched to your vehicle.

e.       Use of any of these methods will ensure the safety of the Outreach Trailer and all items.