Students are not the church of tomorrow...

They are the church TODAY. They are the leaders of tomorrow, but their role in the church is just as valuable as those who lead the church today. Because we believe this to be true, Centennial Association makes discipling students a priority. We are available for training or to help your student ministry any way that we can.


EQUIP Weekend will be held March 9-10, 2018 at Meansville Baptist Church.

EQUIP to WIN is our theme for 2018. As followers of Jesus, we have victory over sin. One day, we will witness Jesus as He sets up His Kingdom on earth as the ultimate Victor over sin and death. We should live our lives now in light of these realities. 

Encourage your students to join us as we worship together at EQUIP 2018. For more information and registration, go to the official EQUIP2018 page by clicking here.


Save the dates for EQUIP Missions, as well: June 24-27. More info will be available at EQUIP Weekend.