March 2019 CBA News Article

A Word from Your Mission Strategist, Steve Laughman

By the time you read this, Marni and I will probably be on our way to Israel. What started as a “maybe someday” and grew to a “possibly when we are older” has now become a reality for us. I know many of you have expressed a desire to go with us, so maybe we will work on that becoming reality someday, as well. The opportunity to walk where Jesus walked and to experience the culture in which he lived, albeit much removed from first century, is something we are joyfully anticipating. I am the worst about remembering to take pictures, but I will try to be intentional about it so we can share our experience with you.

While we are gone, we will continue to pray for you. We thank God for the work He is doing through the churches in the Centennial Association. Just yesterday I witnessed a simple exchange of ideas between people from two different churches which looks to result in a joint effort regarding discipling children. What a joy it is to live and serve in an area where people look for opportunities to work together without reservation!

As I prepare to be gone two things have been on my mind regarding you. The first is the Dental Clinic. All the pieces are in place for a successful project. The only thing left is to get the word out to those who need these services and then to execute the plan well. Experience tells me that you will all play your part to make sure this happens. Let us all pray that souls are saved through the practical help we are able to give through this ministry project. If you would still like to volunteer, contact me by email at I will be able to respond to this easier than a phone call while I am away.

The second is the upcoming Elevate Church Strategy Summit. Our theme is REPLANT, and it amazes me how timely this topic is for our churches. God placed this on my heart over a year ago. Now we have several churches working through some of the very issues we will be discussing at Elevate. Plan to bring your people to this training event. Whether your church is in a position to need help or to send help, Elevate will speak to some overarching concepts that affect the church as a whole. You need to be part of this discussion, because we all need one another if we are going to reach our area with the Gospel.

Thank you for loving us so well and for allowing us to take the time for spiritual renewal and prayer. We will be embarking on a prayer journey as we travel throughout Israel. As always we will remember you in our prayers, because you are all such a part of our life and ministry. I praise the Father for you and pray His blessing of peace for you and that He produces fruit through you as you serve Him.