June 2018 CBA Newsletter

A Word from Your Missionary, Steve Laughman

Summer is here, and the opportunities for ministry are boundless.  My experience is that although summer has its challenges with members taking vacation and schedules being fluid, this can be one of the most productive times for a church to connect with their community. People are outside! They are going to the park and playing games. Families are grilling out and swimming. A church that keeps her eyes open will see a plethora of chances to engage neighbors in conversation and hopefully build some relationships. Let’s be involved in the lives of those around us.

Marni and I will be heading to Dallas, TX, for the Southern Baptist Convention in a couple of weeks. Thank you for the privilege of representing you there. Our denomination is facing many questions at this time in our history. We are at a crossroads and have the opportunity to become the voice for truth and mercy that God intends for us to be. The annual meeting can be a time for us to proclaim loudly that we understand our primary purpose is to shine the light of Jesus to every corner of our world. Or it can be another missed opportunity where we are known more for what we condemn. Pray with me that God will speak loudly, and that nothing we do will cause shame to be brought to His great name. Even when leaders fall, we have an opportunity to show grace and mercy. Even when we disagree, we have the opportunity to show the world how love transcends diverse opinions. My hope is that we will once again become the standard bearers of truth - that we will not just make bold proclamations, but will live out our convictions. The world desperately needs to see a church that stands FOR something.

Last week I attended a listening session for the search committee to find the new Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. Dr. Robert White has served our state faithfully for nearly 26 years and will be retiring this year. He has big shoes to fill, but God has already prepared his replacement. During the session I was filled with hope knowing that those who sit on this committee are listening to Georgia Baptists of all corners of our state. They are also listening to God as He guides the process. The future is uncertain from our perspective, but God knows every detail and He is trustworthy. Join me in praying for the search committee. You can find a prayer guide at christianindex.org/executive-director-search-committee-releases-prayer-guide-prior-beginning-work/.

I look forward to seeing many of you at VBS in the coming weeks. Thank you for reaching the next generation with the Gospel.