February CBA Newsletter

This should have been posted last month, but apparently I never posted it. Sorry about that.

This is the second article in a series related to our new strategy and vision as an association.

Priority Two is to assist churches in developing strategic direction. Most of the members of the Strategy Planning team for CBA were also pastors. It became abundantly clear as we worked through the process that many of our churches would benefit from taking time to examine themselves and define their purpose. The need for churches to refocus and revitalize is great. It also became evident that the association could play a vital role in that.

To that end, we set the following goals:

·         Goal 1: Cast a vision for strategic direction by October 2107. This vision was outlined at the Fall meeting in October. For those who were unable to attend, you will find the information we shared on our website under “Our Strategy.” I will also continue to share over the next several months how this vision is being fulfilled.

·         Goal 2: Identify 4-6 churches annually that are willing to engage in strategic planning. I know what you are thinking – at that rate, by the time you get through all the churches, it will be time to cast a new vision. In truth, we would need to move at a much more rapid pace to keep up with the need. However, we also understand that not every church desires or needs to go through this process at this time. So far in 2018 I have begun working with two churches and have spoken to several pastors about the possibility.

·         Goal 3: Enlist a Strategy Development Team to work with churches by October 2018. I will be working with the Nominating Committee to enlist volunteers to help me work with churches that desire to go through a strategy development process. Over time we should be able to multiply our efforts and make it easier for every church to experience the benefits.

·         Goal 4: Lead 4-6 churches through strategy development annually. This is an extension of Goal 2. We do not want to just identify churches, but we want to actually see the process through to completion. Some of our churches know firsthand how God can bless a church that understands her purpose and sets tangible, reachable goals. It is exciting to see what God will do in our churches who commit to this.

Don’t forget to check out all the great ministries that are working this month and next. There is literally something for every age group in your church. Let us know if you have questions about anything you see here in the newsletter.