January 2019 CBA News Article

A Word from Your Mission Strategist, Steve Laughman

New year = new opportunities! Throughout my ministry I have heard that the most productive years of ministry are years 7-10. I don’t know of any data supporting this, but if it is true, we are in for a great year. It is hard to believe we are into our seventh year at the Centennial Association, but looking back I am blessed to see how much God has done here. I pray that you are all thinking strategically about how your church will impact your community in 2019 and beyond. The enemy has a plan. Let’s be on the offensive to gain more ground this year than he does.

This edition of the newsletter includes several opportunities for your leaders to be equipped to make a difference. Take advantage of the ones you believe will make the biggest impact. Let me take a minute to preview just a few that I think are worth your time.

·         Sunday School Training – January 14 @ Trinity. As an extension of the SS Mentoring Program we are inviting all our churches to participate in this session where we will have experts in each age group speaking on teaching and outreach methods.

·         Children’s Ministry Workshop – January 27 @ Mt. Olive. Our annual lineup of workshops for all your children’s workers will cover topics that affect every church. You will also be able to preview VBS material and even purchase Lifeway VBS through the CBA.

·         Johnny Hunt Replay – February 2 @ Valley Grove. The Men’s Conference will be held as a one day event this year, but there will still be steak! Breakouts will include both recorded ones from the conference at Woodstock and ones offered by some of our local pastors.

·         Women’s Inspirational – February 25 @ Macedonia. The annual Inspirational meeting for all our women is always a great time of worship and fellowship. Make plans now to be a part of this.

·         Elevate – April 30 @ FBC Barnesville. Save the date now! Bob Bickford with NAMB Replant will be with us to discuss every church’s role in revitalization.

These are just a few of the training events we have planned for 2019. If there is ever a need in your church above and beyond what we offer here, call on me. Either I will come lead a training session for your folks, or I will connect you with someone else who is more capable than I on the subject. Our goal is to help you be the best church you can be – the one God wants you to be for the sake of His Kingdom. Our task of reaching the world is great, but our God is greater! Praise be to our Father for His plan to reach the nations using people like us.