June 2017 CBA Newsletter

A Word from Your Missionary, Steve Laughman

Vacation Bible School time is here! What a great opportunity for the entire church to be involved in reaching the next generation for Jesus. VBS engages people of all ages and abilities in ministry. Some will teach. Some will lead worship. Some will prepare snacks. And some will handle all the behind the scenes details. Where else do we get to see senior adults doing the motions to songs? VBS reminds us of the joy of celebrating the simple Gospel of Christ. If you haven’t already contacted your VBS director to volunteer, let me encourage you to reach out and use the gifts God gave you to serve.

I was reminded recently of the passage where older men are instructed to teach the younger men and older women are instructed to teach the younger women. The pastor pointed out that the Scripture doesn’t qualify this with a specific age. I commented to a friend after the service that I believe this means an older man is any man older than me and a younger man is any man younger than me. That means we all have people to learn from and others we are to teach. This concept stuck with me so much, I used it in the next sermon I preached. God created the church to be a multi-generational community where each of us is being discipled and making disciples. What a blessing to be a part of His church!

This year is the third year of our partnership with Copper Basin Crisis Center. If you are able to join us July 7-11 on our mission trip, plan to be at the team meeting on June 4 at 4:30 at Trinity. We hope to have about 20-25 team members this year. If you are unable to go with us, then please pray for us as we go. Also remember to pray for all the other mission trips being taken by members of our churches this summer. Christians from the Centennial churches will once again be all over the world this summer. Praise God for the opportunities to serve here and abroad!

EQUIP Missions (coming up this month, June 25-28) is one of those opportunities to serve here. Students from our association will serve our communities through various kinds of ministry. There is still time to get involved. Whether your church has one student or 100, they can participate. Visit our website to register or just to read about this ministry.

Thank you for all that you are doing to make Christ known in our area and throughout the world.