Imagine what would happen if every Christian in each of our churches began to pray for God to impact our area with a revival unlike anything we have ever seen. Imagine if each one of those church members began to engage the lost people in their families, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods with the Gospel lived out and shared openly. What would happen in our churches and in the greater community if God moved and hundreds, possibly thousands had a genuine encounter with the living Lord?

That is our hope and prayer for ENCOUNTER. Throughout the Bible, many people met Jesus. They had experiences with him such as hearing his teaching and even being healed. Some walked away with a good feeling and a story to tell. But some had encounters with Jesus that changed them forever. They put their faith in him and followed him. At ENCOUNTER we pray that people will have more than a worship experience. We desire life-changing encounters with God.


Evangelist Jon Reed will be our speaker for ENCOUNTER. Pray for him as he prepares. If you would like more info about Jon and his ministry, click on his picture above.