ENCOUNTER Ministry Teams


A harvest revival of this magnitude requires many in the body to use their gifts and talents. Prayerfully consider how you may serve. To sign up, contact your pastor or fill out to form below.


Prayer Team

            Prayer Team Leader: Ryan Christopher, Mountain View

Tasks: The Prayer Team will coordinate the prayer effort throughout our churches leading up to ENCOUNTER. They will also organize a prayer effort during the event. Ideally, we would like to have a Church Prayer Coordinator from each church to keep this in front of the congregation.


Publicity Team

            Publicity Team Leader: TBD

Tasks: The Publicity Team will promote ENCOUNTER through the churches, as well as through tradition media, social media, and other means.


Greeter/Usher Team

            Greeter/Usher Team Leader: Milton Hill, Shiloh Upson

Tasks: The Greeter/Usher Team will need to smile a lot while helping people feel welcome throughout the event, especially as they arrive. They will also collect the offering.


Security Team

Security Team Leader: David Prim, Bethany

Tasks: The Security Team will develop a security plan, secure the venue at night, attend to any security issues that may arise, and coordinate with local law enforcement and the venue personnel.


Response Team

            Response Team Leader: Bob Wilson, Trinity

Tasks: The Response Team will be trained to speak with individuals who come forward to make a decision. Team members must be grounded in their faith and able to confidently lead someone to Christ. If you are a trained counselor in the areas of abuse or addiction or other issues, please make that known. Members must attend training sessions prior to the event.


Follow up Team

            Follow up Team Leader: John Blackmon (Meansville), Chris Teasley (Concord), Mark Harris (Mt. Olive)

Tasks: The Follow Up Team will connect those who made decisions with a local church. This team will coordinate with the Response Team to gather the information and make sure it gets to churches. They will also follow up personally with those who make decisions in an effort to make sure they get connected.


Children’s Care Team

            Children’s Care Team Leader: TBD

Tasks: The Children’s Care Team will coordinate an effort to provide childcare and ministry to families attending ENCOUNTER. All members will need to be screened, approved and trained. Ages for childcare will be birth through age 6. Team Leader will also coordinate facilities for childcare.


STC Team (Set-Up/Tear-Down/Clean-Up)

            STC Team Leader: Mountain View

Tasks: This team will be responsible for organizing the setting up chairs and coordinating with the Rock Ranch personnel regarding set-up needs. They will also keep the grounds clean throughout the event.


Praise and Worship Team

            Praise and Worship Team Leaders: Ryan Showalter and Keith Johnson

Tasks: The Praise and Worship Team will organize everything related to what happens on the stage throughout ENCOUNTER. They will coordinate efforts with the A/V Team and the STC Team. Please indicate your church’s music minister so the team leaders can contact him or her.


A/V Team (Audio/Visual)

            A/V Team Leader: TBD

Tasks: The A/V Team will handle the technological aspects of the event including running sound, lights, and video. We would also like to live stream the event so that services can be viewed at remote locations or on personal devices. Persons on this team will need to have a certain level of expertise.


Hospitality Team

            Hospitality Team Leader: Jason Weeks, Fellowship

Tasks: The Hospitality Team will primarily take care of our evangelist by arranging meals, lodging and transportation. They will also provide a space for water and other comfort items (e.g. tissues) for those attending the services.


Parking and Transportation Team

Parking and Transportation Team Leader: FBC Barnesville

Tasks: This team will assist in the parking area and will help transport people from the parking area to the barn where we will have services. They will also facilitate getting people back to their cars afterward.


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