EQUIP 2016 Breakout Sessions


  • How to Study Your Bible (Walt Barnes)

Navigating the depths of God’s Word isn’t for wimps. Walt will show us practical tools that can help as we search the Word for answers.


  • The Character of God (Shane Bowers)

God commands that we worship Him alone, but why does He alone deserve our worship? What makes Him different from other gods? Why does He even desire our worship? Explore these questions and more with Shane from Julian Drive.


  • Testimony of an Underground Church Preacher (Andrew Ryzhkov)

Growing up as a Christian in an atheistic country means facing challenges most of us have never known. Come hear how God has worked through the life of one preacher and his family as they minister to Russian speaking people here in America and in their home country.


  • On Mission: For Juniors, Seniors, and College Only (Chuck Johnson)

Do you feel God calling you to career missions? Or maybe you just want to know what the options are for going on short term mission trips. The possibilities are vast and loaded with potential. Come hear from someone who has been mobilizing people on mission for years. Chuck has served with our International Mission Board, most recently in Central America and the Caribbean. He has the inside scoop on getting students involved in missions.


  • Tough Questions (Mark Harris)

Many things in the Bible are made very clear, but there are others that take a little work to understand. Bring your questions and your Bible, and we will search for answers.


  • Ancient Words: Can We Trust the Bible to be True? (John Blackmon)

Many see the Bible as an outdated book written so long ago that it is no longer relevant. However, the evidence proves otherwise. Come learn how to answer the skeptics and defend your faith in the Word of God.


  • Islam and Other World Religions (Wesley Lassiter)

Students will hear about what others believe compared to Christian doctrine and will be challenged to share their faith with people of other religious backgrounds.


  • Discerning God’s Call (Brandon Powers)

We all ask questions like “What am I supposed to do with my life?” This session will explore how each of our callings fit into God’s greater purpose and what ways God uses to direct each of us to our specific calling.


  • Searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right (Steve and Marni Laughman)

Finding the wrong person to go out with is easy. How are Christians supposed to find the one God has for them? Join this interactive discussion on the pitfalls, challenges and joys of figuring it all out.


  • Being a Christian in a Gender-confused World (Bob Wilson)

Defending our faith takes many forms. Standing for biblical principles and relating to people who disagree can be done at the same time and with love and respect. Explore how we as Christians lovingly confront our culture.


  • Youth Ministry Training - Leaders only (Brian Bone)

Brian will speak on topics such as Getting Parents Involved in Discipling their Students and Current Trends in Youth Ministry.