Dental Health Clinic

The Dental Health Clinic is sponsored by the Centennial Baptist Association and the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. We have been fortunate to hold this event in our association for the last three years, the most recent being in March at Pine View Baptist Church. We were able to serve over 60 people with dental needs this year.

  • Thank you to all of the churches who helped get the word out. We saw people from all four of our counties.

  • Thank you to all the volunteers from several of our churches who participated.

  • Thank you to our host church, Pine View, for everything they did to make this year's event a success.

  • Thank you to the great folks from the Georgia Baptist Mobile Health Ministry for taking their time to come serve our communities.

  • Thank you to all the dental professionals for volunteering their time and talents to help hurting people in the name of Jesus.

Our next clinic will be held March 15-17, 2018, at Forsyth First Baptist Church. Watch the monthly newsletter for opportunities to volunteer and for information about how to make an appointment.

For more information about the Georgia Baptist Mobile Health Ministry, click on the button below:

As a child growing up in the home of a Baptist pastor, I was taught that God provides for His own. God’s provision and the intimate relationship we have with our Heavenly Father have provided comfort and guidance for me and promises I instilled in my own children. Recently our family had a crisis. My mom is the caregiver of my dad and does a great job. She was sick, in respiratory distress, and was hospitalized for several days. Leaving South Carolina where I live, I drove to help with their care. I got to their home in Meansville, GA, on a Thursday evening. I would stay through Sunday and leave for a major conference in Houston, TX on Monday to be gone a week. On Friday morning while eating peanut, I broke a tooth. I called my dentist in South Carolina who suggested I get some wax or get back as fast as I could. So, I went to find the wax. A member of the Meansville Baptist Church saw me with my Dad and said for us to go to the church. They could help.

With wax in hand, I went hoping someone would help put the wax in place. I was told this service was for those over 18 (check) and those without insurance (oops, I have insurance). I stood there, broken tooth and wax in hand saying, “But I have insurance.” “And you have a broken tooth and no way to get to your dentist” the pastor said. He would ask if there was a way I could be seen. Yes, God provided for His own. Once the forms were completed, I was in a dental chair. The dentist asked me if I knew the Lord. “Yes, and this is His provision for me. Just as I learned as a child, God takes care of His own.” On this day it by way of the Baptist Mobile Health Ministry and Dr. Farr who fixed my tooth and I was able to take care of my parents, go to the Ethics conference in Texas, and tell the story of how took care of me.

I am a chaplain endorsed by the North America Mission Board serving as the Director of Pastoral Care at a hospital. On this day, I had to get over what I had to see I had a bigger need and an even bigger God who had already supplied for my needs to be met. I am very grateful and I will have a contribution to this ministry in the mail today.

Thank you seems too small. I will tell this story and forever be thankful. Dr. Farr did a beautiful job and everyone was wonderful.
— Donna C Peele, MDiv, BCC Director of Pastoral Care, Lexington Medical Center