Week of Prayer

This is the Week of Prayer for North American Missions. Churches start promoting the Annie Armstrong offering this week, as well. I don't need to spend a lot of time convincing you that our nation is in need of prayer. We must remember, however, that our greatest need is not economic or political. It is not about who gets the nominations for President or what's going on with your favorite sports team or celebrity. This nation is in need of the move of God.

Marni and I were blessed to serve as church planters with NAMB right out of seminary. I can tell you from experience that the journey of a North American missionary is difficult and challenging. People think that living in America means the task is easier than if God had sent us to another country. In some ways this is true. We already spoke the language and our children got to see their grandparents often. However, serving in the US comes with its own set of problems. People are not always receptive to the Gospel when they have easy access to it. The cost of living in the US is high, which as it turns out was one of our biggest struggles. I am thankful for the time we spent on the mission field here in the US, because it helps me know how to pray for those who are still serving through NAMB.

Thank you for praying for missionaries, whether they are on the other side of the world or serving right here in North America. Keep supporting them with your love and your gifts through CP and the Annie Armstrong offering. Remember that their struggle is real and unique to their setting.